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  • Design Your Lesson Plan
    Create, edit and manage your lesson plans with the GoClass website. Our Show-Explain-Ask framework makes it easy to add images, videos, teacher notes and assessments to your lesson plan.
  • Prepare Your Classroom
    GoClass lets you Broadcast individual content to student devices while simultaneously using your projector to Project shared content from a different part of your lesson plan. For example you may choose to Broadcast a reading passage to your student devices while using the projector to display guiding questions to assist with the reading exercise. The technology you need to Project lesson plan content to your shared classroom screen depends on whether you use an Android, Apple iOS or the Chrome Web browser as your teacher device.

    Teachers on Apple devices will need to use an Apple TV or a computer running the Airserver App. (Make Apple TV and Airserver App into Live Links). Teachers using Android Devices or the Chrome Web Browser can take advantage of the GoClass Web Projection tool by logging on to
  • Project
    Project videos, images, documents, questions, notes, real-time scribbles/annotations and more to large screen surfaces using the built in projection feature. Teachers on Apple devices will need to use an Apple TV or a computer running the Airserver App. (Make Apple TV and Airserver App into Live Links). Teachers using Android Devices or the Chrome Web Browser can take advantage of the GoClass Web Projection tool by logging on to
  • Broadcast
    Use the broadcast feature to send content & media, videos, assessments and more directly to student devices or pair it with the projection feature to engage students with multiple screens.
  • Assessments
    Perform formative assessments in-class and gain real-time feedback on student & class comprehension. This insight allows you to quickly alter lesson plans to address knowledge gaps and common misconceptions. You can even take a poll to gauge student opinions or reactions. All assessments and polls can be timed.
  • Annotate/Scribble
    With Scribble you can make free hand annotations on images and explanations creating a virtual chalkboard to share with students using the Broadcast and Project features.
  • Shared White Board
    Expanding on the scribble feature, shared white boarding allows you to virtually call on students to participate in the discussion by completing a problem, labeling a diagram and more. Each shared exercise is stored on all student accounts for future reference.
  • Create Activity
    The Create Activity feature allows you to easily create instant polls and multiple choice or short answer assessment questions.
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How It Works
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  • Visit and select the Get Started tab.
  • Complete the Instructor registration form.
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GoClass+ Upgrade
GoClass+ delivers a teaching & learning experience with student performance at its center. From insightful dashboards providing a 10,000-foot view of both student & class activity (including skills progress & upcoming assignments!) to functionality that allows you to explore new teaching and learning models, GoClass+ puts you in the driver’s seat to better manage your classroom and impact student success like never before.
Premium Access
Instructor Dashboard
Assessment Reporting
Small Group
Flipped Classroom
Student Features
Unlimited Access
Small Group Instruction

GoClass+’s group instruction feature allows you to segment students into groups to explore concepts, improve collaboration and teambuilding skills and further group specific instructional goals.

  • Create groups at the course level
  • Toggle between whole class & group instruction
  • Share media with group
  • Assign scribble capabilities
  • Assess knowledge
  • Share findings with class

Flipped Classroom

GoClass+ makes it easy to flip your class allowing you to better prepare students for in class discussions by assigning homework to introduce or explore learning concepts, reinforce curriculum with media elements and assess comprehension to help you keep a pulse on knowledge gaps.

  • Schedule homework
  • Perform diagnostic assessments before class
  • Track performance
  • Utilize class time to address knowledge gaps and misconceptions

Advanced Student Functionality

We know what happens outside the classroom is almost as critical as what happens inside the classroom. As a result, GoClass+ incorporates functionality to help students easily capture lesson content, add personalize notes and bookmark items for later review.

  • Advanced note taking
  • Bookmark
  • Personalized student learning

Enhanced Instructor Dashboard

GoClass+'s enhanced instructor dashboard captures rich data around student performance and delivers this data in visual, easy-to-use snapshots that inform instruction & help manage tasks.

  • Expanded views of sessions, assignments, & course progress
  • Easy tracking of assignments to be graded
  • Quick views of skill progress by course

Skill Assessment Reporting

GoClass+'s detailed skill based reporting allows you to track class & individual student proficiency.

  • Easily track skills covered by course and drill down to individual student proficiency
  • Access fine grained data on instructor and learner activity

About GoClass
GoClass is a classroom application that adapts to the way you teach. Using common mobile devices and an Internet connection, GoClass helps you improve student engagement, classroom management and your effectiveness where it matters most—in the classroom. Only why stop there. With GoClass your students are engaged everywhere they go. With lesson plan review, student notes and media annotation, their classroom experience goes home with them.

Come join our community of mobile learners in over 110 countries worldwide.

2014 SIIA Education CODiE Finalist
2012 IMS Learning Impact Platinum Innovation Award
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